As an artist you're always asked to describe your work in writing: 'What do you do', 'What's your work about'?

In a way these are 'big' questions, but they are also a bit daft. Sometimes I like to tell people that my work is about 'magic', the kind of magic that you can't talk about, but that's kind of rude.

Pretty simply, my work is kind of about magic. I am interested in the ineffable experience that is created through certain kinds of contemporary art, specifically immersive aural installation art.

So, what is the ineffable? The term 'the ineffable' is used to describe experiences that are inexplicable through words, for which we find it difficult to find an appropriate vocabulary. My work as an artist is focused on creating these kinds of experiences using sound, light and architectural space, all with a minimalist aesthetic.

There are some of the people who have influenced me:

Robert Irwin
James Turrell
Donald Judd
Richard Serra
Uta Barth
William Basinski
My Bloody Valentine
Demdike Stare

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